Our Company

WiFense was originaly inscribed in May, 2013 in Madrid (Spain) by Yago Hansen in order to formalize the project of Radio RF communication interception in which they were secretely working for the last years. As the project were in a very advanced phase, they decided this year to present it publicly in ISS (Intelligence Support Systems for lawfull interception, electronic surveillance and cyberintelligence gathering) international congress in Prague, Cheq Rebublic.

After the great success in this Congress, WiFense negotiated and signed and agreement and a colaboration framework with an international corporation in the sector o Government Security. This global corporation is in one of the first places in the ranking of corporations in this sector. The customer company, signed an agreement that covered a specific period in order to finalize the development of the product that had to be prepared for production, and in order to transfer our project's knowledge and management.

From that point, WiFense has kept growing with self capital, offering high qualified services in the sector of security and embedded systems, for this corporation and for others.

Global international company

e-mail:  info@wifense.com